April 05, 2010

Shaun Kaba Photography

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 I'm following him from the first post :> Then I saw his latest photoshoot I was amazed! Check out his blog HERE ;>



your right, there amazing i love them.
i hope you had a very happy easter. thanks for posting

Very cool! I love how the girl fades into her surroundings. Visually wonderful!

these pics look awesome x

So haunting and beautiful. :)

wow, these photos are brilliant! i love them all, they're so beautiful! thanks for posting :)

new follower :)

That is so crazy cool!

:D thank you so much for posting them on your blog! no one really saw them on mine but I appreciate you putting them out there for more people to see! will tag you in a post soon!

lcbkaba.blogspot.com x

Amazing photography, so inspirational!

These are gorgeous! Especially love the one with the buildings...
xxoo Josie

These are nice!

juliet xxx

The photos are amazing, waking up in my feelings ...
Thank you for the comment:*!
xx PookeBoop

gorgeous pics, very talented !
Thanks so much for passing by my blog i really appreciat it ;D

Dimogonda blog

Amazing photos...thanks for sharing :)

Absolutely amazing!

Thanks for all the nice comments :) thank you so much hewnyl! X

ohmygosh, so nice.
especially the third one ♥

Oh i love my shauny :D
He is so great at photography :)