April 02, 2010

Nails. Done

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So proud of myself :D haha :D



i have to do my nails today :( would be happier if it wasnt so time consuming!!!

Ohh, you did them great, I love the nailpolish colour and it looks very precise :))
If you have the time, I'd be very happy if you found a minute to check out my blog and perhaps left me a comment or even followed if you like! :))

Have a great day xxx

i'm so dreadful at polishing my nails, i always feel a sense of accomplishment when i finish. love that color :)

xo Alison

love that colour xxx

have to do mine and can't find the time... have a nice weekend!

beautiful colour! I can't get rid of my weakness to dark brown nail polish.. :D


What a stunning colour x

nails and eyes and brows looking good :D

Gorgeous color. I am so challenged when it comes to doing my own nails!

waouw ! beautiful eyes and beautiful nails
I never succeeded to do my nails good ..
ahah :/

one day, maybe i will..