April 22, 2013

Most Beautiful Women in the World

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'The most beautiful women in the world do not have nationality.
The most beautiful women in the world have their own languages ​​and smiles, eyes and walks. Sometimes it seems that the most beautiful women in the world are cats, living in their ninth lives, and they know it.
The most beautiful women in the world are like that because they like to live beautifully.
And they live such way.
They smile, they dance.'

'Gražiausios pasaulio moterys neturi tautybės.
Gražiausios pasaulio moterys turi savo kalbas ir šypsenas, savo akis ir eisenas. Kartais atrodo, kad gražiausios pasaulio moterys yra katės, gyvenančios devintąjį savo gyvenimą, ir jos žino tai.
Gražiausios pasaulio moterys yra tokios todėl, kad joms patinka gražiai gyventi.
Ir jos gyvena gražiai.
Jos šypsosi, jos šoka.'

(Sadly, I don't remember where I got this quotation from. I translated it from Lithuanian to English. )

Xoxo, H
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April 05, 2013

Webdesign. Institute for Sound and Space

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During December of 2012 I was working on webdesign and  visual identity project for Institute for Sound and Space. It's a culture center for creative people and projects that have a focus on sound, space and various visual arts.

It wasn't an ordinary exam project as the client is very well known. Moreover, the project was set up as a competition - there was about 10 multimedia design student groups consisting of 3-4 members. Even though my group didn't win, I decided to share the result of our work.

Check out their current website to see how did the winners! Visit Institute for Sound and Space 

xoxo, hewnly

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