June 28, 2012

"Beyond" ... and a tip for photography beginners

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So first I want to introduce some new pictures I'm very happy about:

I've been contributing to Deviantart.com for quite some time, but lacked consistency to create new works and manage account and stuff like it.. and just now I started to work more serious. And here I am giving my first tip for making pictures! 

So here it is: look at the 2nd and 3rd pictures (colorful ones)- the only difference between them is color overlay. Which one you like more it's for you to decide, I was dying how much I loved soft colored dreamy look in the first one of the two, but in the end I would suggest not to have "color overlay" on the photo. It makes it feel a lot like a "common photo". I'm not an expert photographer but I think that most pictures would be more effective if you use natural lighting and enhance model's eyes (unless you are absolutely sure that your photo needs this dreamy effect). This tip is based on the comments I got from fellas Deviantart contributors.

I hope this helps!!

Kiss, Hewnly