March 09, 2012

New Colors and Design

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Last month I started multimedia design and communication studies in Aarhus business academy (Denmark) and I was really busy but happy happy about everything! Even thought not everything in my life is simple and in order, I couldn't live differently - I need some drama! And maybe I'm a bit overexcited about all new things but I really enjoyed the last month.

So today at school I decided to play a bit with blogger's template html and make some changes in my blog. Mostly it's just a cosmetic change (hey, I'm still a beginner at this!). We had some classes about color theory and I really like my new color palette. Still have some doubts if it's not too girlish??? Ah.. Anyway, now I could change it whatever I want since every week my skills at html and everything else will improve (I promise to myself not to skip classes!).

Oh, one of our assignments is to create a web page about recipes so in a very near future it will be a part of all my blogs and other communicating with people places. My concept at the moment - to have a cute little web site with my recipes and pictures of them, all photographed by me, plus some tips and tricks for healthy diet & faster metabolism I found while searching for healthy habits I could adopt until spring so I could be ready for bikini season without too much effort (^.^)

mmm... summer!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Kiss, Hewnly


Your blog is amazing!!!! You are brilliant! Fantastic post! Have a brill day!


Thank you dear!
have a great day you too!