January 05, 2012

Dragon Year, Birthday and Lots of Optimism

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It's all good! We all have our moments and it's up to us if they change us or not. And if these moments aren't always as nice, smart or whatever.., it's New Years babes! New starts! And dragon brings a lot of energy on the table, 'strength to move mountains and spirit to take on the world' :)

I loved New Years Eve, I loved the party and it's spirit, the cake I got for my birthday, and flowers, and I gonna love the new book I got (yes, there is still some people actually enjoying reading books ;D ). Did I mentioned shopping?  Looks like a great week and it's not over yet!

But there is one little problem, where is the SNOW? As far as I know, in winter it should be cold and a lot of snow, not raining! Well.. will see. Maybe later I will be weeping about too prolonged winter ^^

Kiss, Hewnly