October 18, 2010

Monday is on Monday

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 Monday - probably the most terrifying day for all of us so I decided to have fun today! How? lets see:
1. Clothes - comfy - to feel so damn good and confident

I hope that I uploaded not too much photos just to show my outfit today but I wasn't able to pick just one of them. Maybe you can help me to decide which one is the best? :)

2. Music - today I listen mix of katy on a mission , the bug , brief encounter , Guarija , Latin lover , The Way I Am , etc... I know they are so different from each other but thats the way I like ;D

3. Food - homemade dessert (I love cooking!) -  "Floating Islands"

4. Movie - Havana Nights - I have seen it like 100 times but it's still one of my favorites :>

It's enough for a good day, isn't it? Have a nice week, everyone! ;>

Kiss, Hewnly


Fabulous fabulous fabulous! What a good hair day you're having {envy}

Have a fab week xoxo


These photos are fun! I love that sweater-dress - it's super cute :)

www.kenziefaith.blogspot.com x


loved the second photo


Sounds like the perfect day! That desert looks so yummy!


Love the floating islands dessert - it looks tasty! And cute sweater!

Loving your sweater; and that homemade dessert looks scrummy!! :)

you are GORGEOUS!! kinda looks like taylor swift <3 . anyways, i'mma new follower! wll ya check my blog out& follow if ya like hat ya see! xo.

Yes, nice day!! Love the comfy clothes.

B* a la Moda

Lovely outfit!

juliet xxx

great sweater, love your hair :)


love the sweater!

thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog!!!


that sweather looks soooo comfy! :D

Hy! Very sexy photos! I like your clothes!
I wait for you on my blog! Have a nice day!