February 21, 2010

McQueen Label Will Continue!

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It has been announced by Robert Polet, the president and chief executive of the Gucci group, that the Alexacnder McQueen label will continue!!

Gucci has owned the Alexander McQueen label since 2000. They have made a statement that a McQueen collection will be shown during Paris Fashion Week in March. Although Gucci did not release any specific plans for the future of the McQueen brand they do plan to continue financing it for the time being.

“There is an outstanding team at Alexander McQueen, a team that has enormous talent and energy and a passion that [Alexander] was extremely proud of, and so am I,” Mr. Polet said in a statement. It was also stated by the chief executive, Francois-Henri Pinault that "This is the best tribute we could offer".

Only time will tell if the Alexander McQueen label survives. I for one sincerely hope so.



can't wait to see who will be the new creative director... big shoes to fill!

Im so happy to hear this :)
cant wait to see this!!! :)

hi Hewnly, this is really a good news. days ago when i read about mcQueen's death i was a bit worried about how the label will survive, so this news is a total relief for me!
the other thing that matters now is, IMO, will the talent of mcQueen be able to be paralleled by anyone in his team. although they're maybe amazing, still, i wonder if the continuation of the label would be as nice as how it used to be before the death of mcQueen.

thanks for sharing, too, that's really acknowledging! :)


I can't wait to see how it will be :>